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Chrysler Herbarium, Rutgers University. (c) Lena Struwe

The etymology of the word ‘herbarium’ by Kanchi Gandhi (handout)

How did the word ‘herbarium’ come to be?  It actually has ancient roots in the deep history of Indo-European languages, and its origin and formation in Latin is…

Symbolanthus (Gentianaceae). (c) Jason R. Grant.

Manual: The Naming of Plants – explanations and examples, by Lena Struwe

Looking for a non-technical beginners and intermediate users manual in plant nomenclature that explains scientific names, common names, cultivated and trade names, and what changes in plant classifications…

morning glories

Manual: 50 most common families in temperate regions

The manual Field identification of the 50 most common plant families in temperate regions by Lena Struwe is available for download below.  (color pdf with images, 60 pages,…