Lena Struwe’s lab group at Rutgers University has developed several resources about common weeds of northeastern North America and these are shared with the public here.  They were part of our project Eat Your Weeds and covers the joys and dangers of foraging for and cooking with weedy plants.  The handouts from these projects are here made available here as downloads for your personal, non-commercial and free use in classes and events.   Please note all disclaimers regarding recipes and edible plant information.

Download information and recipes about edible weeds (pdfs)

Included recipes written by Sara Morris-Marano are:

  • Garlic Mustard Hummus (Alliaria petiolata, Brassicaceae)
  • Cream Cheese with Wild Garlic Shoots (Allium vineale, Alliaceae)
  • Dandelion Flower Lemonade (Taraxacum officinale, Asteraceae)
  • Deep-Fried Dandelion Flowers (Taraxacum officinale, Asteraceae)


Morris-Marano 2015 - Edible Weeds Recipes: Wild Garlic & Garlic Mustard (pdf) (204 downloads)


Morris-Marano 2015 - Edible Weeds Recipes: Dandelion (188 downloads)


Morris-Marano 2015 - Edible Weeds: Dangers and Toxicity Handout (207 downloads)



These brochures were written and designed by Laura Shappell, Jennifer Blake-Mahmud, Bobbi Angell, and Lena Struwe.  The illustrations were provided by Bobbi Angell.  There are two brochures, one for weeds with ‘pretty flowers’ and one for ‘grass-like’ weeds, including grasses.

When you download the brochures and print them out double-sided on the listed size of paper they can be folded into a narrow brochure.


Shappell et al. 2015 - Field guide to Weedy Plants of the Eastern US (pdf, legal size) (258 downloads)   [for US legal size paper printout]

Shappell et al. 2015 - Weedy Grasses and Grass-like Plants of the Eastern US (195 downloads)   [for US letter size paper printout]