Rebecca Humphrey from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI, USA, has developed this great virtual lecture slide deck with photos, videos, and detailed explanations of flowers and fruit morphology. 

Description: This Google Slide deck contains videos and images related to introductory fruit and flower morphology. It is structured to accommodate a three-hour lab in half of that time using a pre-lab activity (handout supplemented with included videos). Students were instructed to complete the pre-lab before attending their lab session where they had various fruits and flowers available to dissect (following the provided worksheet). The pre-lab covers: angiosperm life cycle, using a dichotomous key, carnation dissection, and apple, strawberry and blueberry dissections. It concludes with two formative assessments. The second half of the slide deck features images and videos compiled for students who were only able to attend remotely. These slides may be used in lieu of the in-person lab (students should also be directed to the handout for this purpose). The in-person lab concludes with a lab quiz (typically taken the following week).

Check out the Google Slide deck here: LINK

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Some example slides:

Morphology of carnation; source Rebecca Humphrey

Morphology of corn fruits; source Rebecca Humphrey