Videos: Plant Systematics lectures by Bruce Kirchoff

Here is a list of recorded lectures on Plant Systematics by Bruce Kirchoff, professor at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA, and used in his course Biology 451.  The videos are available on Youtube for easy viewing by anyone.  Click on the lecture title to get to the Youtube link.

Link to the full playlist of lectures

Links to individual lectures:

  • Introduction to the Course Plant Systematics: Link
  • Nomenclature 01 Describing New Species: Link
  • Nomenclature 02 The Rules of Nomenclature: Link
  • Nomenclature 03 Homonyms & Synonyms: Link
  • Nomenclature 04 Case Studies: Link
  • Two types of life cycles – Homosporous and Heterosporous: Link
  • Vegetative Terminology Part 01: Link
  • Vegetative Terminology Part 02: Link
  • Ferns and allies with Lycopodiaceae and Psilotaceae: Link
  • Gymnosperms: Link
  • Angiosperms: Link
  • Reproductive terminology: Link
  • History of Systematics: Link
  • Classical Taxonomy: Link
  • Phenetics: Link
  • Phylogenetic Systematics Part 1: Link
  • Phylogenetic Systematics Part 2: Link

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  1. Anzar A Khuroo

    Great lectures.. Can you please suggest Readings, I mean books…

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