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Tracheophyte phylogeny and leaf origins (cc) E Hermsen

Website: Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life, plant articles by Elizabeth J. Hermsen

Elizabeth J. Hermsen has provided great illustrated web-based introductions to plant systematics, anatomy and morphology as part of the Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life.  These are great teaching…

Dissected flower Antirrhinum majus MC

Images: Univ. Wisconsin-Madison’s Virtual Foliage website

University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Dept of Botany have many teaching images available on their Virtual Foliage homepage. They are divided up in three themed sets (linked below with an…

UAF Intro to Alaska flora banner

Online course: Intro to Alaska Flora, by Stefanie Ickert-Bond

The online college class Intro to Alaska Flora from University of Alaska Fairbanks includes fantastic components developed by botany professor Stefanie Ickert-Bond. These online resources are available for…