Elizabeth J. Hermsen has provided great illustrated web-based introductions to plant systematics, anatomy and morphology as part of the Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life.  These are great teaching resources for basic botany classes and more in-depth plant anatomy, development, and morphology classes.  Take a look. Here is an index to pages available so far with direct links:

Embryophytes (land plants) – LINK

Origin of Land Plants –  LINK  

The Land Plant CycleLINK

Greek & Latin in Botanical TerminologyLINK     [singular-plural pairs, building blocks of words, etymology of important words]

Introduction to Vascular Plant Structure – LINK    [what are vascular plants, phylogeny of vascular plants, overview of sporophyte structure, growth]

Leaf Structure & EvolutionLINK  [leaf morphology, leaf venation, leaf anatomy, phyllotaxy, the origin of leaves

Angiosperms – LINK

Flowers LINK   [Overview of floral structure & terminology, perianth (sepals, petals & tepals), androecium (stamens), gynoecium (carpels), Beyond the four whorls: other structures, inflorescences]

Angiosperm Life cycle LINK  [embryology, pollen, embryo sac, development]

Pollination LINK

Fruits LINK

Fruit & seed dispersal LINK

Overview of angiosperm phylogeny LINK