Here is a list of Timothy Evans’ videos on Youtube, suitable for botany classes. They are filmed in temperate North America (Michigan, USA) and feature local plants.

Dangerous Botany series:

  • Episode 1: Thorns: Link [Rosaceae, hawthorn, Crataegus, stems]
  • Episode 2: Spines:  Link  [Cactaceae, cacti, urban/suburban. leaves]
  • Episode 3: Prickles: Link [Rosaceae, Rosa, invasive, multiflora rose, epidermis
  • Episode 4: Poison Ivy: Link [Anacardiaceae, toxic plants, dermatitis, Sapindales, North America, Toxicodendron
  • Episode 5: Poison Sumac: Link [Anacardiaceae, toxic plants, dermatitis, Sapindales, Toxicodendron]

Other topics:

  • Drawing plants: Link [botanical illustration, plant blindness, dissection, drawing, art, investigation, stamens, anatomy, morphology, active learning]
  • Tulips: Link [tulips, Liliaceae, Tulipa, bulbs, monocots, flower morphology,  horticulture, petal colors, virus, plant breeding]
  • What’s in a Name?: Link  [nomenclature, eastern hemlock, Tsuga, conifer, poison hemlock, Conium, common names, scientific names, philosophy]
  • Eastern Hemlock and White Pine: Link [gymnosperms, conifers, Pinaceae, Pinus, Tsuga, needles]
  • Trout lily & Dutchman’s breeches: Link [Erythronium, Liliaceae, spring flowers, tepals, flower morphology, Dicentra, Papaveraceae, flower merosity]
  • Spicebush: Link [Lindera, Lauraceae, phytochemistry]
  • Daffodils – “Nice to be here…”: Link [Narcissus, Amaryllidaceae, horticulture, corona, tepals, morphology, COVID-19 virus, stamens]
  • Skunk cabbage: Link [Symplocarpus, Araceae, aroid, spring flower, spadix, spathe]
  • Beech and beech drops: Link [Fagus, Fagaceae, bud scales, twigs, bark, Epifagus, Orobanchaceae, parasite, parasitic]

This post includes videos as of Sept 15, 2020.