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Tim Evans in Dangerous Botany screen shot

Videos: Botany topics by Timothy Evans (Dangerous Botany and more)

Here is a list of Timothy Evans’ videos on Youtube, suitable for botany classes. They are filmed in temperate North America (Michigan, USA) and feature local plants. Dangerous…

Tracheophyte phylogeny and leaf origins (cc) E Hermsen

Website: Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life, plant articles by Elizabeth J. Hermsen

Elizabeth J. Hermsen has provided great illustrated web-based introductions to plant systematics, anatomy and morphology as part of the Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life.  These are great teaching…

NYC trees (c) LStruwe

Activity: Street Trees Photolog and Ecosystem Service Calculations, by Amy Berkov

In this activity college students go outside and find ten street trees near their home or school, photograph them, identify them to species, and map them on a…