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store candy (c) LStruwe

Activity: Botanical Home Products, by Amy Berkov

What kind of and how much botanical diversity can you find in the products in a a home, or just in a bathroom,  freezer, fridge, or pantry?  Go…

Students at Rutgers doing the ER toxic plant role play assignment. Photo (c) Susanne Ruemmele, Rutgers University.

Activity: Toxic plants in the emergency room – fast and furious botanical role play, by Lena Struwe

Emergency Room (ER) toxic plant role play for Botany classes Developed by Dr. Lena Struwe (lena.struwe@rutgers.edu) This is the activity I presented at the Botany 2018 meeting as…

herbals St John's wort, SCLA Rutgers

Handout: Coloring pages of historical herbals, by Rutgers Libraries

Want to travel back in botanical history with watercolor or coloring pens?  Here are some illustrious handouts for students in many subjects (medicine, gardening, pharmacology, botany, history…), as…