Activity: Botanical Home Products, by Amy Berkov

What kind of and how much botanical diversity can you find in the products in a a home, or just in a bathroom,  freezer, fridge, or pantry?  Go and explore the ethnobotanical biodiversity of our everyday lives in this student activity for the college level and above, but it can be modified for lower levels .

This student worksheet is shared by Amy Berkov from the City College of New York.  She adds: “The botanical diversity even in cat food can be amazing!” Thanks for sharing this, Amy.

SAFETY NOTICE: Please make sure that students avoid handling products to reduce the spread of infections, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the reporting sheet (Excel file) for the students here, and it also includes some examples how how it works, questions to address, and more information:
Botanical Home Product Assignment, Student Template with Examples (474 downloads)

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  1. Aaron Liston

    Great Assignment! I have done a similar one, and make it a competition with extra credit to the 6 students (in a class of 60) who find the most species in a single product.

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