Activity: Timeline of Evolution of Food, Agriculture, and Cooking, by Lena Struwe

UPDATE:  Unfortunately TimeGlider was bought, then the new owner decided to shut the website down in Dec 2020.  I have a CSV of the downloaded data, but there is no TimeGlider anymore. The new owner suggests using instead, but that is not free except for testing out (monthly and yearly plans are very expensive). It seems like they bought out the competition, and is pushing people to pay for their more expensive product.

OLD POST: This interactive timeline (link is now broken) marking major events in the history and evolution of food, crops, migration of food, agriculture and cooking methods were created in 2012 by myself (Lena Struwe) and my students in a freshman Byrne Seminar at Rutgers University.  We used software called TimeGlider to build it and it is unfortunately no longer available. But the timeline is still available to explore online.  The items on the timeline were selected by students so there is a certain randomness to them, but all kinds of cool facts and trends can be seen.  Take a look, and feel free to send your students the link for learning more about the Evolution of Food, Crops, and Cooking (which was also the name of the class).

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  1. Dr. Katie Putney

    Hi Lena! It looks like the timeline website has shut down, if there’s another version of this that you might have, that would be amazing to see!

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