These images of 21 hypothetical plants were created by Lynn Clark (Iowa State University) and Brandon Holt and can be used in a variety of exercises.

Lynn Clark says:
There aren’t really formal instructions, but one can assign any number of attributes to the 21 taxa, such as chromosome number, ploidy level, anatomical structures, floral scents, DNA sequences, etc. to create problems for the students to do. I have the students do a dichotomous key exercise with a subset of taxa, and the speciation exercise (included in download links below) is another one we use regularly. Note that taxon 21 is the same as 16 but sterile.

Credit and copyright: Text © Lynn Clark; Images © Lynn Clark and Brandon Holt; inspiration: Herb Wagner.

Dendrogrammaceae 1-4

Dendrogrammaceae 5-8

Dendrogrammaceae 9-12

Dendrogrammaceae 13-16

Dendrogrammaceae 17-20

Dendrogrammaceae 21 + OG

Download the files here (click on the links) :

Dendrogrammaceae Speciation Worksheet: Dendrogrammaceae speciation worksheet (479 downloads)

Dendrogrammaceae Xanthoanthe Speciation Example: Dendrogrammaceae Xanthoanthe Speciation example (336 downloads)

Figs. 1-4 (jpg): Dendrogrammaceae Figs. 1-4 (jpg) (338 downloads)

Figs. 5-8 (jpg): Dendrogrammaceae Figs. 5-8 (222 downloads)

Figs. 9-12 (jpg): Dendrogrammaceae Figs. 9-12 (193 downloads)

Figs. 13-16 (jpg): Dendrogrammaceae Figs. 13-16 (201 downloads)

Figs. 17-20 (jpg): Dendrogrammaceae Figs. 17-20 (180 downloads)

Figs. 21 plus outgroup (OG) (jpg): Dendrogrammaceae Figs. 21 plus OG (238 downloads)